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  • Alert fellow students through SlugAlert!

    Introducing SlugAlert, a new web app created by undergrads to help keep the campus community informed and alerted! With SlugAlert, you can click anywhere on campus to report issues, safety concerns, slug sightings or anything that you think other students should know about! It’s meant to connect students and essentially give each other a heads-up…

  • “Introduction to Hacking Competitions” This Fall

    Our Introduction to Hacking Competitions course (CMPM17-01) is coming back for Fall 2024! If you’re interested in… Then you may want to take our class this Fall! Class code: CMPM-17-01 In close partnership with *Slug Security*, we’ve made a course that teaches you the fundamentals of competitive hacking. Test your hacking skills against short and…

  • Enroll in EDUC 50B (Cal Teach) in 2024!

    Apply and enroll in EDUC 50B, a 2-unit introductory seminar offered by Cal Teach that explores secondary students, teaching, and schools in the context of mathematics instruction. Along with a weekly seminar, students enrolled in EDUC 50B will also be concurrently participating in a secondary school internship! Cal Teach is a great opportunity to gain…

  • Bioinformatics Club – Journal Club

    Join us on Thursday, May 23rd from 6:00 – 7:00pm at PSB 305 to learn how to write a review paper! RSVP here!

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Undergrad Research Conference

    This quarter, ACM has partnered with Baskin School Of Engineering to host an undergraduate research conference on May 28th. This conference is an opportunity for CSE undergraduates to showcase the research they’ve worked on throughout the year. The symposium will feature a mix of professor/professional keynote speaker(s), oral presentations from undergraduates, and a poster session. Everyone…

  • The Public Interest in Predictive Algorithms – Anne L. Washington

    Predictive algorithms transform daily life but will they ever serve the public interest? The ability to differentiate people through digital representations often advantages powerful interests. Algorithms that resist domination, link communities, or center the vulnerable, are more rare than algorithms that divide opinions or encourage spending. Distributing social resources, especially through algorithms, is inherently political.…

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    Cybersecurity Career Survey

    David Torres-Mendoza, a Ph.D. student in the CSE department at UC Santa Cruz, is conducting a research study to understand the motivations, challenges, and supports in the field of cybersecurity. He is seeking participants who are interested or have been interested in a cybersecurity career. Who can participate? What will you do? What’s in it…

  • Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) Student Panel

    Come and elevate your student voice at the first ever student-led HSI Equity Talk at UCSC! Title: Building institutional capacity for high-impact research on servingness: A student-centered and participatory agenda  Presenters: Collaborative Research for Equity in Action (CREA) Undergraduate Researchers & team – Lucas Alonso, Paulina Avila, Michelle Barajas, Janai Dagdagan, Andrew O’Brien, Jennifer Ochoa,…

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    GDSC LeetCode Session

    Our LeetCode sessions will now be held every Monday at E2-180! A great opportunity for you to stop by and practice your coding and algorithmic-based problem-solving skills. We will be doing one easy and one medium problem. Everyone is welcome to join no matter your experience level so make sure you stop by!

  • Share a Slug Sighting!

    Do you often see slugs on campus? Want to share those sightings with your fellow peers? check out SlugAlert! Created by UCSC students, for UCSC students, SlugAlert aims to centralize noteworthy campus sightings. Check out the site, login and keep your eyes out for SLUGS!

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    SWE x Bioinformatics Club: Paint & Sip Night

    Join the Society of Women Engineers and the Bioinformatics Club for an evening of creativity and relaxation at our Paint & Sip* Night! Destress a little before finals roll around. Everyone is welcome <33 When: Tuesday, May 14th from 5:30-7:30Where: Academic Resources Center near McHenry RSVP here so we can plan accordingly. *Alcohol-free sipping

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    Join Computer Networking Student Association (CNSA)! With us, you’re always connected!

    Expand Your Network, Advance Your Skills​ Join UCSC Computer Networking Student Association Take your interest in computer networking to the next level with UCSC CNSA. Dive into enriching learning experiences, gain practical skills through hands-on labs, and connect with a community that shares your passion. From insightful industry talks to laid back weekly meetings, there’s…

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