Baskin Engineering Undergraduate Peer Advisors

The Peer Advisor Program is an integral part of the Baskin School of Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs Unit. Peer advisors are indispensable in providing front-line support services and information, answering major-related questions, and making referrals to campus services and resources.

Chat with a peer advisor

Peer advisor chat hours
M–F 9:30–11:30 a.m.
and M-F 2:00-4:00 p.m.

How to chat
Add (+) to your Google Hangouts, using your UCSC email 

Meet with a peer advisor

Our peer advisors can assist students over summer during chat hours which can be found in the right hand column. We will resume in person hours once classes start in the fall.

The Undergraduate Advising office will be closed on university holidays.

Hours are subject to change and will be updated on this page as needed.

Students in the BE Courtyard

What can I speak to a peer advisor about?

  • Academic plans
  • Schedule adjustments
  • Questions about major qualification criteria
  • Enrollment troubleshooting
  • Questions about petitions such as: course substitution petitions or waiver or exception to policy
  • Change of major concentration or curriculum catalog year

Meet our peer advisors

Peer Advisor Aditya Bali

Aditya Bali

Major: Computer Science: Computer Game Design B.S.

Hello! My name is Aditya Bali (he/him), and I am a third-year computer science: game design major from San Jose, California. I decided to become a peer advisor because I know that navigating through college is a complex and in-depth process, from beginning to end, and I thought that I can help ease this process for my peers. I love listening to music, playing video games, as well as watching classic Hollywood movies.

Peer Advisor Igor Bessa

Igor Bessa

Major: Computer Science: Computer Game Design major

Hi slugs! My name is Igor (he/him) and I’m a third year CS Game Design major with a minor in Computer Science. I decided to be a peer advisor because I know firsthand how hard it can be to navigate school related issues and I wanted to do my part in helping other students work out their problems. I spend a lot of my free time watching TV and movies, playing video games, and reading novels and comics. Whenever I can, I enjoy exploring UCSC and the rest of Santa Cruz to find fun and interesting places to hang out or relax.

Peer Advisor Aditi Bhat

Aditi Bhat

Major: Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics major (Biomolecular concentration)

Hi there! My name is Aditi (she/her) and I’m a second-year biomolecular engineering major from San Francisco, California. I decided to become a peer advisor because the transition to college can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, and I hope to alleviate some of that stress by providing helpful guidance. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, finding new boba places, writing, and creating new playlists. I look forward to being your peer advisor this year!

Peer Advisor Penelope Campos

Penelope Campos

Major: Technology and Information Management B.S. – Economics minor

Hello! My name is Penelope Campos (they/she) and I’m from Santa Clarita. I’m in my fourth year here at UCSC majoring in technology and information management and economics! In the past I made use of the peer advisors and found it to be super helpful and I found myself here in order to carry on the advice and information to any students who need it. In my free time I like to sit and try finding new music, making a new playlist every month.

Peer Advisor Navneet Cheema

Navneet Cheema

Major: Computer Science major

Hello! My name is Navneet Cheema (she/her/hers). I’m from Sacramento, California and in my third year as a Computer Science major. I became a BE Peer Advisor so I could help students become acquainted with college/the major they’ve chosen and offer any advice that I am able to! I am also a Student Volunteer at the DSI in S&E Library but in my free time I really enjoy reading, watching movies, and drawing as well!

Peer Advisor Hannah Sandler

Hannah Cohen Sandler

Major: Electrical Engineering major (Electronics and Optics concentration)

Hi! My name is Hannah (she/her), and I’m a fourth year electrical engineering major from the Bay Area. Outside of school, I enjoy exercising and spending time outdoors. I decided to become a peer advisor to provide support to other students while they navigate their way through Baskin. I hope that my past experiences will be helpful in progressing other students’ academic journeys.

Peer Advisor Gladys Garcia

Gladys Garcia

Major: Computer Science major

Hi everyone! My name is Gladys Garcia, my pronouns are she/her and I’m currently a 2nd year computer science major from East L.A, California. I’m a first gen college student which is why I wanted to become a peer advisor because I know that college can be difficult, especially as a first gen student who is figuring out how to navigate college. Some involvement I have around campus is being part of the BEES program and MEP. During my free time I enjoy going to concerts as well as learning new recipes.

Peer Advisor Kai Juarez-Jimenez

Kai Juarez-Jimenez

Major: Computer Engineering major (Digital Hardware concentration) – Computer Science minor

hi! my name is kai (they/them pronouns) and i am a 3rd year computer engineering major with a cs / math minor from a small town called wasco (middle of nowhere). i decided to become a peer advisor because as a first-gen stem student i know what it feels like to be lost and not know what the next steps toward your future are and would like to provide the support and guidance needed to students. in my free time, i like to draw, read, watch anime, get tattoos, and just be silly! 🙂

Peer Advisor Fariha Lateef

Fariha Lateef

Major: Computer Science major – Technology and Information Management minor

Hi, my name is Fariha Lateef (she/her) and I am a fifth year Computer Science major! I am from the Bay area, and I chose to be a peer advisor to support underclassmen as they begin their educational journey through Baskin Engineering! I’m part of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Girls Who Code, and Baskin Day

Peer Advisor Jennie Lin

Jennie Lin

Major: Computer Science B.S.

Hi, I’m Jennie (she/her), a third-year computer science major from San Francisco affiliated with Crown. I decided to be a peer advisor because college is often confusing, and I went to help students plan for a successful future. I’m also a tutor for LSS, usually for computer science classes. During my free time, I love to play badminton, watch dramas, and play video games (mostly LOL tbh). Feel free to ask me any questions, I’m looking forward to working with you 🙂

Peer Advisor Kevin Parikh

Kevin Parikh

Major:  Computer Engineering B.S. (Systems Programming concentration) Computer Science minor

Hello, my name is Kevin Parikh (he/him), and I am a fifth year Computer Engineering major here at UCSC. I am from Temecula, CA but have lived several places in my life. I decided to become a peer advisor because I love helping people craft plans that work for them and their interests. I love hiking on our beautiful campus, watching football, and hanging out with friends. I am always looking to meet new people so feel free to reach out!

Peer Advisor Trisha Sriram

Trisha Sriram

Major: Computer Science major

Hi, I’m Trisha (she/her) and I’m a third-year Computer Science major from the Bay Area. I wanted to be a peer advisor because I know with how crazy it is to navigate college, it’s essential to have someone guide you through it. On campus, I’m an active member of Alpha Kappa Psi, and I love to play the drums and weight-lift in my free time. A fun fact about me is that I have an identical twin sister (she goes to college in Illinois though). I am very excited to be part of the team this year, and look forward to meeting you!

Peer Advisor Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Major:  Robotics Engineering major – Computer Science minor & Electrical Engineering minor

My name is Ryan Taylor(He/Him). I am from the South Bay of LA and transferred from El Camino Community College. Transferring from community college I know how hard it can be to transition into this new environment, I am here to help navigate your academic world. I have helped many of my friends build schedules. I am a 5th-year robotics major, with an electrical and computer science minor. My hobbies are participating in the Muay Thai club, playing basketball, and running. To relax I like to play video games, watch anime, sports, and cook.

Peer Advisor Liz Villa

Liz Villa

Major: Robotics Engineering major

Hello! My name is Ana Elizabeth Villa, but I go by Liz and use she/her pronouns. I am a 3rd-year Robotics Engineering Major with a Minor in Electrical Engineering. I am from Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, California, and decided to be a peer advisor for Baskin Engineering because college is challenging to navigate, and depending on your situation, it might take a little longer to get a handle on things. I felt that I offered a unique perspective that could benefit others in their college process. One fact about me is that I love to collect pins, LEGO mini-figures, and Hot Wheels cars.

Peer Advisor Zaden Yet

Zaden Yet

Major:  Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics major (Biomolecular concentration)

Hi! My name is Zaden Yet(he/him). I am a third-year Biomolecular Engineering major from Union City, California in the East Bay. Navigating through enrollment and making sure you’re on the right track can be stressful so I’m happy to say that I can be of help in any way I can! I want to welcome everyone to stop by the office and say hello! I can be found anywhere whether it be on a walk around campus, the gym, or any of the libraries. I enjoy many different activities like surfing, bowling, cutting hair, or simply hanging out with my friends or doggies.

Last modified: Jul 08, 2024