Proposed Major Appeal Process

Appeals for the following situations will be considered:

  • Students who have completed less than three quarters at UCSC.
  • Students who completed Math 19A but are taking summer classes and will have three classes completed from the proposed major policy list by the end of summer.  These students must also be on  track to meet their major declaration requirements.
  • Students who were waitlisted for classes on the proposed major policy list.
  • Students who have experienced serious personal or parental health challenges.

Appeals are due the first Monday in August

Students are notified at the beginning of July following their first three quarters at UCSC if they did not meet the BSOE Proposed Major Status Policy and need to appeal. 

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Appeal Timeline
  • Students will be notified if they need to appeal by the beginning of July after their first three quarters at UCSC.
  • To appeal, students must submit an online google form that includes questions regarding their enrollment in their first three quarters. It also requires that they upload the following documents:
    • Statement of Appeal
      • See Statement of Appeal Tab for more information
    • An Academic Plan through Major Declaration
      • See Statement of Appeal for more information
  • Appeals are due by the first Monday in August and will be reviewed in the two weeks following the submission deadline.
  • Students will be notified of the results the third week after the deadline.
Statement of Appeal
  • The statements should aim to be no more than 1-2 pages, although students are allowed to submit longer statements as necessary.
  • Statements must include your Name, Student ID, and number of quarters completed at UCSC.
  • In the Statement of Appeal you should include why you were unable to meet the Baskin Engineering proposed major status policy in your first three quarters at UCSC. The statement of appeal is the place to advocate for yourself to the department. If applicable, in your statement you should include:
    • Any extenuating circumstances involving physical or mental health, injury, work obligations, family crisis, etc. that may have affected your academic performance.
    • Description of  the challenges in your academic performance and how you are actively overcoming them.
    • Any additional reasons or evidence that you will be able to successfully complete the program’s graduation requirements.
    • If you started at UCSC in Math 2 or Math 3, please mention this in the appeal.
Academic Planning Form
  • Academic Planning Form
    • Please fill out an Academic Planning form that includes a plan that takes you through completion of the major qualification courses for your major.  
    • To assist with creating an academic plan we recommend that you refer to the Prepare to Declare charts for your intended major. When putting together your plan, we recommend that you try and schedule no more than two major classes per quarter.
      • a) Refer to the Baskin Engineering course schedule to find out when courses are being offered. The prerequisites for courses can be found in the UCSC General Catalog as well as in the courses’ descriptions.
      • b) Refer to the Physical and Biological Sciences Undergraduate Website (aka PBSCI) for information about course scheduling and prerequisites for all Physical and Biological Sciences courses.  These include biology, chemistry, math, physics, etc. Once at the site you will need to navigate to individual department advising pages to find information about course scheduling.
      • c)  Sample plans for your major can be found in the General Catalog. Click on Academic Units, then click on Baskin School of Engineering. Please choose your department and major from the menu on the left. Planners can be found under “Requirements and Planners” all the way at the bottom. Please keep in mind that these are templates. You may need to modify these plans for your circumstances.
Submissions/Results/Next Steps
  • Appeals are reviewed within two weeks of the deadline. Students will be notified the week following the two week review period.
    • Results
      • Once a decision has been made, the Baskin Engineering Undergraduate Affairs Office will send students an email with the decision.   
    • Approved Appeals Next Steps
      • Students whose appeals are approved will retain their Baskin Engineering proposed major. Students with approved appeals will still need to meet their majors qualification requirements in order to declare.
    • Conditional Appeals Next Steps
      • Students may be issued conditions, such as passing their Summer or Fall coursework, in order to retain their proposed major. Students will be reviewed again after grades are posted. Students who did not meet their conditions will have their proposed major dropped. Students who meet their conditions will retain their proposed major, but will still need to meet their major qualification requirements in order to declare.
    • Denied Appeals Next Steps
      • Students whose appeals are denied will have their proposed major dropped and will be encouraged to use Campus resources (i.e. taking a Career Assessment and meeting with their college adviser) to identify a new major.
Sample Appeal Form

PDF of the google form used for the Appeal Process

Last modified: Mar 11, 2024