Petition for Course Substitution, Waiver of Policy, Approval to Take a Course Elsewhere

A course substitution may be approved for the following reasons:

  • When a course you have taken at another institution has not yet been approved for transfer credit.
  • When you want to apply a non-required course to your major.

To petition for a course substitution:

  • Fill out the petition and attach the necessary documentation.
  • Await notification whether or not your substitution is accepted.

  • Confirm that the course you’re planning to take is equivalent to a UCSC course. You can find the listed course equivalencies at California Community Colleges on
  • If the course you are requesting to substitute is not articulated you will need to get a copy of a syllabus or course outline from the department offering the course. A course description is not sufficient.
  • Articulations on only apply to lower division courses, with the exception of ECE 101/L. All upper division course substitutions require an approved petition.
  • There are no community college articulations for CSE 101 – regardless of the course title or description.
  • Current CSE 13S articulations at community colleges have been insufficient to prepare students for success in CSE 101. The CSE department strongly discourages students from taking this requirement elsewhere, and will not support double repeat petitions for CSE 101 if a student takes the CSE 13S requirement elsewhere.

If approved, after you’ve passed the class, follow the steps below to transfer the course credit to UCSC:  

  • Send an email to with the subject line, “Community College Transfer Credit – YOUR STUDENT ID.” You should attach your unofficial transcript from your 
  • Request that your Community College send your official transcripts to the UCSC Office of the Registrar. Review more detailed information about transferring credits.

If your transferred course is a prerequisite to a UCSC class that you hope to take, you will not be able to enroll in the course until you’ve completed your CC class. You may submit an unofficial transcript to BE Advising to have the prerequisite credit posted if the class is needed for a Baskin program. BE Advising can not post prerequisite credit for classes not associated with Baskin programs. 

Select the program from the list below if you would like to substitute, waive a requirement, or take a course elsewhere.

Note: You must be logged in to your UCSC account to access petitions. 

For questions, or if you do not have an active UCSC email account, contact drop-in advising or

Applied Math (AM):

Applied Math BS & Minor

Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, and Biomolecular Engineering (BME):

Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics BS, Biotechnology BA, Bioinformatics Minor

Computational Media (CMPM): 

Computer Science Game Design BS

Computer Engineering, Network and Digital Technology (CE/NDT):

Computer Engineering BS & Computer Engineering Minor, Network & Digital Technology BA

Computer Science (CS):

Computer Science BS, Computer Science BA, Computer Science Minor

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE):

Electrical Engineering BS & Minor, Robotics Engineering BS, Assistive Technology Minor, Bioelectronics & Biophotonics Minor

Statistics (STAT):

Statistics Minor

Technology and Information Management (TIM):

Technology & Information Management BS & Minor

Last modified: Apr 23, 2024